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Encrypting USB Devices

SPYRUS Windows To Go live drives come in strong HW encrypted or unencrypted versions. WorkSafe live drives include a built-in, tamper-proof Rosetta Smart Card. Boot Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 almost anywhere.

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Secure Pocket Drive

Securely boot a Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Linux environment with your applications and data files on a host computer. When you're done, remove the drive and leave nothing behind.

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PocketVault USB Encrypting Drives

PocketVault P-3X (USB 3.0) and P-384 (USB 2.0) are high-security, use-anywhere (PC, Linux, Macintosh) encrypting USB drives built on the same platform as the secure and versatile Hydra PC™ family.

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SPYRUS - The Leader in Trusted Windows To Go Solutions

SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives


WorkSafe and WorkSafe Pro

Portable Workplace and Secure Portable Workplace

SPYRUS Microsoft Certified Windows To Go Live Drives

New! WorkSafe with Windows 8.1 CCID Support WorkSafe live drives with Windows 8.1 CCID Support—feature a built-in Rosetta Smart Card for tamper-proof PKI authentication.

Portable Workplace live drives boot Windows 8 from almost any PC certified for Windows 8 or Windows 7. SPYRUS also offers a support service to create custom images that boot Windows 8 on certain Apple Macintosh computers.

Hardware-based security—WorkSafe Pro and Secure Portable Workplace live drives use XTS-AES 256 encryption to secure the OS, applications, and data files.

Read Only option—Resets all changes to original state when user shuts down the drive. Prevents retention of malware and other unauthorized downloads.

Data Vault read/write partition—Separate storage can be configured on all SPYRUS live drives, including those with Read Only mode enabled. Data Vault can also be accessed on unbooted drives.

BitLocker for additional protection—All SPYRUS live drives can be configured with BitLocker encryption. Data Vault partitions can be separately secured with BitLocker.

Superior performance—USB 3.0 SSD speeds and multiple host computer options.

Central device managementSPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) remotely disables or destroys devices, resets device passwords, and audits user actions.

Self-provisioning—You provision drives with your enterprise configurations.

Latest News

SPYRUS certified WTG drives Approved for UK Government and Public Sector use as of October 2014.

WidePoint and SPYRUS Announce Start of Two Federal Agency Pilot Programs

Widepoint (WYY), SPYRUS Announce Trusted Mobile Device Collaboration

SPYRUS Announces Successful Completion of Comprehensive Physical and Environmental Testing for Its Encrypted Storage and Bootable Windows To Go Drives

SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro for Windows To Go Captures Editor's Choice Award From The SSDReview

SPYRUS Announces that Its Encrypting and Bootable Windows To Go Drives are Invulnerable to “BadUSB” Attacks

SPYRUS Announces New Ruggedized Water-Resistant Versions of Certified Windows To Go Live Drives

SPYRUS Delivers High-Capacity 256GB Microsoft Certified Windows To Go 8.0 and 8.1 Drives

SPYRUS Introduces the World’s First Windows To Go Live Drive File Encryption, File Sharing and Secure Cloud Storage Application for OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox at Microsoft TechEd 2014

SPYRUS Introduces PocketVault P-384E—The World’s Only Encrypting USB Storage Drive with Unlimited Expandable Memory Capacity

SPYRUS Announces Manufacturing Agreement with PNY Technologies for High Volume US-Based Production of USB 3.0 SSD Secure Live Drives and Storage Drives

Announcing SPYRUS WorkSafe Microsoft Certified Windows To Go Live Drives with Tamper-Proof Smart Cards and Digital Certificates for Multi-Factor Authentication

SPYRUS Delivers Microsoft Certified Windows To Go Drives with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Tamper-Proof Smart Cards and Digital Certificates for Multi-Factor Authentication

SPYRUS Encryption Products are Resistant to Attacks on Dual_EC_DRBG Random Number Generation

SPYRUS Delivers “Reset” Write Protected Windows To Go USB 3.0 Computer on a Stick for Secure Teleworking and Remote Access for Cloud Computing

New SPYRUS Patents Transparently Upgrade Legacy Security Solutions with Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms