SPYRUS provides a range of applications designed to meet the wide range of requirements being faced in today’s mobile computing environment. SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives, NcryptNshare, and Linux2Go Drives all enable Enterprise IT to provide different ways of working securely, whilst maintaining productivity. Together they offer a range of SPYRUS solutions for cases such as teleworking, temporary workers, executives who travel and employees who bring their own devices into work.

Windows To Go

SPYRUS Windows To Go live drives enable you to turn any personal computers (including Macs) into Trusted enterprise Windows workstations – compliant with your Enterprise policies, no matter how strict.

SPYRUS Windows To Go drives bypass the host computer’s hard drive and boot your corporate image from a fully hardware encrypted, Microsoft approved, pocket SSD. There is no impact on the host computer, no footprint left behind and most find our solutions faster than working with the original drive.

More than a flash drive, this pocket SSD is also includes a cryptographic engine which not only protects the contents of your Windows environment, but enables you to: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, Authenticate, securely Login and Collaborate. Share Files, Documents, Folders, Vaults and even e-mail across the web, knowing that only your designated recipients can read them. Our cryptographic solutions have been vetted by Fortune 500 Enterprise companies and Government Agencies around the world.

Sound amazing? We want to enable you to try this solution yourself. Contact us and one of our experts can set you up with a two-drive pilot at a special price – so that you can test these features for yourself using your image and on your machines.

Rosetta NcryptNshare

Easy to use software for hardware-based file encryption & sharing

NcryptNshare™ is a suite of applications that work with any SPYRUS Rosetta enabled device to allow you to encrypt your files and control access in the cloud or wherever they are stored. It ‘seals’ the file closed and can detect if a file has been tampered with (for instance by malware), and by owning the key, only you control access to the file.

The Rosetta security devices are used as the key and the trust anchor in the application to create the encrypted files and vaults, unlock and gain access to the encrypted files and vaults, or share the encrypted files and vaults and their content with other authenticated NcryptNshare users. Wherever your data is stored, or whether it’s at rest or in transit, NcryptNshare will keep it safe.

There are three NcryptNshare applications that will be available for Windows. RES4Office is the first application that is a Microsoft Office add-on for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio that allows you to encrypt and share your files and set access permissions directly from inside the Microsoft Office application and share the encrypted file with Outlook, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Skype.

SPYRUS also offers two additional new NcryptNshare applications for Windows – RESDisk & RES Pro. RESDisk works by creating any number of virtual encrypting vaults on any memory device such as microSD, SD, USB, computer hard drives, or network share drives that can be shared with other authenticated RESDisk users. RES Pro is a Windows Explorer Extension application that gives the user a right click experience and encrypts any file type and shares it with any other authenticated RES Pro user. This application compliments RES4Office and RESDisk.

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Full Linux operating environment on a USB 3.0 SSD drive.

SPYRUS Linux2Go drives bring a new dimension to the world of secure mobility operations allowing secure Linux operating system on a USB 3.0 SSD drive. The drives are built on the features of the award winning Microsoft certified SPYRUS Windows To Go family, incorporating the most advanced encryption and security technologies with the greatest versatility in size and performance features in the industry.

SPYRUS Linux2Go drives provide the same robust set of security features available on all of the SPYRUS Secure Windows To Go live drives.

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