The Challenge with BYOD

Your organization allows employees to use their own computers at work to save money and get off of the PC upgrade wagon. According to a late 2014 survey by BMC, it is estimated that the average BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day! This increase in employee productivity is complemented by the reduction in IT costs by not providing computers.

But how do you enforce strong separation of personal and company information, prevent company data from leaking out through personal email accounts or social media, and ensure that terminated employees do not pass confidential information on to their new employers? And also how do you cost-effectively support these users with the necessary applications and network access while they are all running on different platforms? Equally important are the issues of security compliance in regulated industries with standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FDA 21 CFR 11.

How SPYRUS Helps

SPYRUS Windows to Go (“SWTG”) product line provides a cost effective way to support BYOD. Although there is an upfront cost to the hardware, the IT support savings and security capabilities provide a high return on investment.

Reduce IT Support Costs

All SWTG drives are delivered with your corporate Windows image for that specific user. In addition to the benefits inherent in controlling programs and data access, your IT department will be supporting a common platform regardless of the specific BYOD device. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Security for Data at Rest

SPYRUS Worksafe Pro™ and Secure Portable Workplace™ use an advanced XTS-AES 256 mode of encryption, totally transparent to the user while operating at SSD category speeds. It is the IEEE standard for full disk encryption and much stronger than using software based full disk encryption. For added protection without reducing performance, SPYRUS provides its Defense-in-Depth two-layer encryption protection by enabling optional   BitLocker software encryption, with the BitLocker passwords securely protected in the hardware encrypted memory partition. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Mitigate Data Leakage and Malware Propagation

For BYOD employees performing their duties by accessing cloud based applications or via remote portals, the SWTG devices can be provisioned as Read-Only thereby providing strong cryptographic security for VDI and thin-client applications by eliminating persistent data changes to the data stored on the drives and also mitigating the persistent threats of exfiltration and malware propagation. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Device and Data Management

All SWTG products are complemented by the SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS).   SEMS offers risk management via global, national and organizational control over those important corporate and personal IT information assets which have previously been confined and protected within the physical IT infrastructure of a facility, but now require protection as they travel the world within USB endpoint devices. SEMS provides central management for SWTG drives with numerous policy driven functions including user access, device enablement/disablement, “kill” inoperability, group or user policy changes, audit recording, and password changes. The SEMS architecture allows an unlimited number of devices to be managed with facilities for multiple administrators based on organizational needs and policies. The persistent audit trail provided by SEMS permits the real time monitoring of an “Acceptable Usage Agreement” for BYOD support. (SPYRUS Enterprise Management System – SEMS)

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