Most enterprises incur significant overhead and expense when provisioning contract workers with the computing resources they need to do the work they are contracted to do.

In addition, network access and information rights become a large concern – balancing the productivity of the contract workers without compromising corporate network security. And the problems don’t stop there. Because this workforce is temporary in nature and ever changing, the need to be able to remotely manage or disable devices and data become an important component of risk management.

SPYRUS Windows To Go (“SWTG”) devices combined with the SPYRUS Enterprise Management Software solves virtually all of the problems of provisioning and managing a contractor workforce while saving significantly on both hardware and support costs.  The SPYRUS contractor solution also provides significantly improved security for data at rest and data leakage, as well as the ability to centrally manage user access, device enablement/disablement and  “kill” inoperability.

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