Contractors/Temporary Employees

The Challenge with Contractors/Temporary Employees

Most enterprises incur significant overhead and expense when provisioning contract workers with the computing resources they need to do the work they are contracted to do. In addition, network access and information rights become a large concern – balancing the productivity of the contract workers without compromising corporate network security. And the problems don’t stop there. Because this workforce is temporary in nature and ever changing, the need to be able to remotely manage or disable devices and data become an important component of risk management.

How SPYRUS Helps

SPYRUS Windows To Go (“SWTG”) devices combined with the SPYRUS Enterprise Management Software solves virtually all of the problems of provisioning and managing a contractor workforce while saving significantly on both hardware and support costs.  The SPYRUS contractor solution also provides significantly improved security for data at rest and data leakage, as well as the ability to centrally manage user access, device enablement/disablement and  “kill” inoperability.

Reduce IT Costs

Save 75% by issuing hardware-encrypting drive for use with the contractor’s computer or with repurposed older PCs and Macs and eliminate the need to purchase new laptops. In addition, IT costs will be reduced when supporting BYOC on a common computing. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Improves Security for Data at Rest

Advanced XTS-AES 256 mode of encryption is the IEEE standard for full disk encryption and much stronger than using software based full disk encryption. For added protection without reducing performance, you can use BitLocker protection as a second layer of encryption and protect the BitLocker passwords in the hardware encrypted memory partition. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Improves Security

SPYRUS WTG live drives provisioned for Read-Only provide strong cryptographic security for VDI and thin-client applications by eliminating persistent data changes to corporate image and mitigating threats of malware propagation. (SPYRUS Windows To Go Live Drives)

Manages Risk Upon Loss or Theft

In-field updates and policy changes can be uniformly administered with SEMS management system and SCCM with common procedures rather than returning devices to a central “loan pool.” In addition, SPYRUS WTG live drives, may be centrally managed for user access, device enablement/disablement, “kill” inoperability, group or user policy changes, audit recording, and password changes. The SEMS architecture allows an unlimited number of devices to be managed with facilities for multiple administrators based on organizational needs and policies. (SPYRUS Enterprise Management System – SEMS)

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