An executive has an important meeting or presentation away from the office. The laptop or tablet is most often loaded with confidential data….and not just the data for that meeting but all the other confidential corporate data and documents on that device.

Besides the hassle of lugging around the equipment during the trip and going through the TSA procedures at each airport stop, the data is at risk during the entire trip. Time spent on unsecure networks and lost laptops and tablets potentially put all of your confidential enterprise data and files in the hands of those with bad intentions. And what do you do when flying internationally and logging into the hotel WiFi system and your system begins to malfunction…. without knowing that you have downloaded malware that steals your corporate secrets and/or personal credentials to penetrate your corporate network? In addition to the obvious damage, you are most likely required by state or federal law to make the security lapse public.

SPYRUS Windows To Go drives (“SWTG”) or SPYRUS encrypting storage drives are ideal for the traveling employee, providing a true secure trusted endpoint and protecting all data and files at rest. Your enterprise can enforce access to only your network and prevent local access or data storage. Employees travel light with their corporate image, applications, and policies provisioned on a SWTG drive for use on hotel business center PCs, remote office PCs, or even “Internet Café” environments. In addition, the SPYRUS Windows To Go devices provide an outstanding solution for the challenges involved with supporting thin client or VDI endpoints from remote untrusted computing platforms or even traveling employees operating from their home-based, strongly heterogeneous computing environments.

The full spectrum of features provided by the SWTG devices assure a secure, managed endpoint that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure.  For highly cost effective, simple application work that either accesses a remote portal or executes a VDI application, the enterprise can supply the traveling employee with a 32 GB SPYRUS Windows To Go drive provisioned with the Read Only (RO) option and a hardware encrypting USB storage drive. The RO option permits the remote employee to boot securely from untrusted computers in global environments and manages the use of external peripherals such as USB and printer ports to prevent data exfiltration, while storing no persistent data and accessing required files from an encrypted storage drive that can also be cryptographically bound to unlock ONLY when operating with a SPYRUS Windows To Go drive.

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