Mobility is a critical aspect of today’s workforce. Telecommuting offers employers the flexibility to “extend the office” into environments where employees want to work or must when circumstances demand. Whether it is a home office, local coffee shop, or a hotel lobby, employees can continue to contribute to the business from anywhere in anyway.

Unfortunately, the flexibility that helps employees be more productive is a nightmare for most IT departments. Extending the office beyond the building also extends the company’s network, stretching security thin and opening holes for hackers. Most often, hotel, home, and coffee shop Wi-Fi networks are not secure enough to protect sensitive data used by insurance, banking, and healthcare companies— opening the company to fines stemming from violating HIPAA, GDPR and other privacy regulation violations. While securing and managing endpoints with software protection and mandatory VPN usage mitigates this risk, it hinders collaboration of employees.

How can teams effectively collaborate on projects if employees and managers are unable to see who made what changes and when to presentations, whitepapers, and contracts?

NcryptNshare is a solution developed by SPYRUS to operate on SPYRUS Rosetta Hardware Roots of Trust. Rosetta is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated security controller chip embedded in all SPYRUS devices. In addition to being tamper-proof, Rosetta offers a comprehensive list of cryptographic functions, including RSA and elliptic curve algorithms. When combined with the SPYRUS Enterprise Management SYSTEM (SEMS) platform, each endpoint can be remotely managed by an IT department anywhere in the world to apply policy restrictions and updates, and even “kill” access to the device and the data it protects. By leveraging the key protection of the Rosetta Hardware Roots of Trust, NcryptNshare allows users to dynamically assign access to encrypted objects only to the security tokens of know collaborators; and, by applying multi-factor authentication, ensures that only the right user(s) have access to the information being shared, as depicted in the graphic below.

NcryptNshare provides the highest level of object encryption and controlled access so that cloud or other unsecured communication paths can be used with the highest levels of confidence. The SPYRUS patented “seal” of the encrypted file detects if a file has been tampered with (for instance by malware), and by owning the key, the tampered file will not decrypt.

Secure telecommuting is not enough to keep teams productive when they are out of the office. Rather, teams need secure collaboration, protecting both the critical data and critical workflow. With SPYRUS Rosetta endpoints, the SEMS platform for endpoint management, and NcryptNshare software, enterprises in any vertical, government agencies and the like can truly “extend the office” limitlessly around the world.