SPYRUS Encrypted Storage Drive

More than secure storage – Secure Sharing

The convenience and utility of the USB drive in undeniable, yet flash drives have been at the heart of many corporate data leaks and virus attacks, but this drive is different: The Full Disk, Hardware Encrypted Drive secures your data and is your KEY to authentication, digital signature and collaboration.

With an integrated Smart Card and cryptographic engine this drive can encrypt & decrypt files, vaults and even sign documents. It can be remotely managed, audited, enabled and disabled. It adheres to corporate policy and is GDPR compliant.

Features include:

  • Remote Device Management – Critical for Enterprise Deployment
  • Full-drive hardware encryption
  • GDPR Compliant Encryption and Audit Capabilities
  • Strong 2FA Authentication Token

“The only USB drive you should allow in your organization.”

An entire organization that uses these drives can be managed and monitored by one piece of software. Any drive can be enabled, disabled, audited (right down to file level) and even destroyed while in the field. These drives support read-only modes, enabling them to be used with untrusted machines.

More than a flash drive, this pocket SSD also includes a cryptographic engine which not only protects your DATA, but enables you to: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, Authenticate, securely Login and Collaborate. Share Files, Documents, Folders, Vaults and even e-mail across the web, knowing that only your designated recipients can read them. Our cryptographic solutions have been vetted by Fortune 500 Enterprise companies and Government Agencies around the world.

Sound amazing? We want to enable you to try this solution yourself. Contact us and one of our industry professionals can set you up with a four-drive pilot at a special price – so that you can test these features for yourself.

 Hardware Based
Sector Encryption
Built in PKI
Smart Card
Hydra PC Digital Attache
Hydra PC Personal
PV P-3XComing 2015Coming 2015
PV P384-E
PV P384

Hardware Based Sector Encryption

PV P-3X      PV P-384       PV P-384E     Hydra PC Personal       Hydra PC Digital Attache 

As opposed to other USB encryption devices that use the weaker mode of AES 256 CBC, SPYRUS protects all data using XTS-AES 256 encryption mode that is the IEEE standard 1619 for full disk encryption on the USB. In addition, SPYRUS uses the more advanced elliptic curve cryptography P-384 curve keys for data sharing instead of the weaker RSA-2048 keys.

File Encryption

PV P-3X  (Coming 2015)   PV P-384       PV P-384E     Hydra PC Personal      Hydra PC Digital Attache

SPYRUS file encryption always encrypts data using a unique key per file. SPYRUS encrypted files can safely be stored because they cannot be decrypted without an authorized SPYRUS security device.

Hydra PC Digital Attaché and PV P-3X are designed to secure information, whether it is at rest or in transit from one location to another, and to allow that information to be securely shared in a controlled manner. Its unique operation guarantees information integrity and nonrepudiation. Files encrypted by Digital Attaché can be shared with other authorized users and stored anywhere, including the computer hard drive, Web servers, and even in the cloud. (Note:PV P-3X requires PVE2Go file encryption and collaboration software)

Hydra PC Personal Encryption device was designed to securely store information and preserve integrity and nonrepudiation while data is moved from one location to another. It is the first and only commercially available USB flash drive approved by the U.S. Department of Defense to provide confidentiality for tactical data at the SECRET level and below, when operated in accordance with the prescribed security doctrine.

PKI Smart Card

PV P-3X      PV P-384       PV P-384E     Hydra PC Personal       Hydra PC Digital Attache

PV P-3X and Hydra PC Digital Attach contain the SPYRUS Rosetta smart card functionality—generate key pairs, store digital certificates, sign email, and en­able strong authentication.

Data Containment

PV P-3X  (Coming 2015)    PV P-384       PV P-384E     Hydra PC Personal      Hydra PC Digital Attache

SPYRUS Hydra PC USBs offer a unique secure data containment feature. Every data file is sealed by hashing and signing data both before and after encryption, which ensures nonrepudiation and detects tampering without requiring decryption. Hydra PC can be locked down to one or more PCs, preventing users from removing sensitive data or using an unauthorized computer to breach data security. For additional protection, administrators can block access to other mass storage devices. The Data Containment features will be released for the PV P-3X in 2015.

Removable microSD

PV P-3X      PV P-384       PV P-384E     Hydra PC Personal       Hydra PC Digital Attache 

PV P-384E and the Hydra PC encrypting USB storage drives that provide virtually infinite memory capacity with removable Secured by SPYRUS™ microSD memory cards. A single device can encrypt files on as many SPYRUS microSD cards as required to meet the operational and security policy requirements of your organization. This exclusive, patented SPYRUS USB storage design delivers the lowest cost of ownership compared to any commercially available secure USB memory drive.

Click on the links below to download a PDF of the product overview and technical specifications.

PocketVault™ P-3X (USB 3.0)     View/Download

PocketVault P-384    View/Download

PocketVault P-384E    View/Download

Hydra PC Personal Encryption Device    View/Download

Hydra PC Digital Attache    View/Download

SPYRUS P-3X Encrypted USB Storage