Today’s enterprise IT department is facing unprecedented demands to increase worker productivity and support a geographically distributed and increasingly mobile workforce, while securing corporate network access and the underlying corporate data.

With requirements to reduce IT spend, enterprises are looking for secure and cost-effective solutions to provide virtual help desks, shared PCs, and computer replacements. Teleworkers, temporary workers, executives who travel and even employees who bring their own devices to work cause unique security challenges. And enterprises with globally distributed research and development organizations have special security needs.

While hacking continues to be the most common data breach tactic, enterprises also expose data due to employee mistakes, insider threats and data on the move.  Enterprises can no longer rely on “good enough” security solutions or processes.  The increasing regulatory pressures such as GDPR  and consumer sentiment are forcing enterprises to improve how they secure data at rest, in motion and in process.  Vertical industries like insurance, banking and healthcare have additional security requirements to meet.

SPYRUS provides a comprehensive suite of products and solutions managed by the SPYRUS DevicePatrol Platform that ensure the highest level of verified identity and encrypted data protection, even in the cloud and help ensure our customers meet the stringent “mandate to secure” requirements.

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