As companies adjust to the recent orders for workers to stay at home, teams accustomed to in-office interactions are forced to rapidly adjust their work practices from physical to digital community building. According to a 2018 Imation Corp survey, most companies are unprepared as only 6 out of 10 organizations have a remote working policy. With the responsibility of keeping their teams moving in the right direction, managers must think quickly to help their teams continue to work collaboratively and securely while being in a multitude of locations. Team members not used to working remotely often struggle with digital collaboration and domestic distractions while managers struggle with providing their team members with the right work tools and cybersecurity.

According to Gallup, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores, which is strongly linked to productivity. With all team members now working from separate locations, small “meetings” conducted when grabbing coffee in the break room and quick stops at a neighboring employee’s desk are no longer available, striking out an often underappreciated yet critical part of productivity. These small meetings act like grease for an engine, making processes run smoothly. Online, when employees need an answer to a question or want more information, they must send an email or text and have to wait for a response, which could be minutes or hours of lost productivity.

In addition to this lost working time, sending texts and emails from home can be especially dangerous. According to the 2018 IPass “2018 Mobile Security Report,” 94% of CIO’s reported personal devices increased security risks. Most new remote workers do not possess the proper tools to safely and securely work from home. First, home Wi-Fi routers and personal computer operating systems might be months or even years out of date. Without employees regularly updating their home software, both their computer and network are open doors for hackers. Second, Harvard Business Review reports “The past few weeks have brought a sizable uptick in business email interruption scams.” As more hackers continue to perfect their skills in “social hacking” and the general uncertainty around black swan events, hackers are taking advantage of employees by phishing them with emails that appear to come from management regarding new remote guidelines or major business updates. Third, remote working solutions requiring an internet connection are unreliable and should not be used for mission-critical work. Internet connections and VPN gateways are overloaded by the unprecedented volume of remote workers, potentially causing hours of downtime and further loss in productivity.

SPYRUS solutions can help managers ensure their teams collaborate securely through the SPYRUS Device Management Platform and WorkSafe Pro drives. The SPYRUS Device Management Platform enables IT departments to audit and manage any endpoint around the world. This includes dynamically setting security policies. If an endpoint is compromised, the IT administrator can “destroy” it remotely, rendering all data on the drive and access unavailable. SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro drives are the only Microsoft-certified mobile drives. They are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, offering industry leading encryption and physical security. The drives also allow for secure off-line productivity on the WorkSafe Pro’s self, hardware encrypting Solid State Drive, removing unnecessary downtime caused by third party internet traffic and Multifactor Authentication to support a secure synchronization between the remote WorkSafe Pro and enterprise’s applications servers and data repositories when connectivity is available. Combined with the SPYRUS Device Management Platform, SPYRUS protects data at rest, in motion, and in use, completely securing remote workers regardless of their Wi-Fi/personal device security hygiene.

Today’s work practice changes are challenging for all parties involved. Whether you are an IT administrator, team manager, or employee, SPYRUS has you covered, ensuring your workflow is uninterrupted by unforeseen cybersecurity challenges and facilitating digital collaboration. Contact a SPYRUS sales representative at for more information.