Easy to use software for hardware-based file encryption & sharing

The SPYRUS NcryptNshare™ application works with any SPYRUS Rosetta microcontroller enabled device to encrypt your files and control access in the cloud or wherever they are stored. The application ‘seals’ the file closed and can detect if a file has been tampered with (for instance by malware), and by owning the key, only you control access to the file.

The Rosetta enabled devices are used as the key and the trust anchor in the application to create the encrypted files and vaults, unlock and gain access to the encrypted files and vaults, or share the encrypted files and vaults and their content with other authenticated NcryptNshare users. Wherever your data is stored, or whether it’s at rest or in transit, NcryptNshare will keep it safe.

NcryptNShare can also be used to create any number of virtual encrypting vaults on any memory device such as microSD, SD, USB, computer hard drives, or network share drives that can be shared with other authenticated NcryptNshare users.

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