Flawed Thinking

The notion that there is no immediate preventative strategy which can curtail future cyber-attacks is fundamentally flawed. Enforcing strong cyber-policy and best practices without complicating the user experience has the best potential to remove the opportunity for compromising mishaps. Communities of interest concerned with privacy and security can no longer be defined by location. Today’s Information Assurance/Cyber Security solutions must address access to multi-level secure resources and message traffic based on identity, roles, and privileges.

In today’s society, everyone is doing business online from various locations.  Unfortunately, our network architectures continue to be based on decades old theories that result in access challenges and complicated solutions that foster security workarounds. Phishing is successful because of these user challenges. Data is moving at increasing speed, to and through so many endpoints that are inconsistently protected. Layered approaches to security (focus on the locking down of large data centers, on premise or in a cloud) have created a myriad of incompatible solutions that rarely provide adequate security and always hamper productivity and foster short cuts that exacerbate vulnerabilities.

A New Approach to Cyber Security

SPYRUS believes consistency in the application of cyber security is the path to successful protection. Our solutions do not look to protect a specific mode of communications, or approach cyber security differently for each specific device. Our solutions focus on a common tool set that protects the endpoints and enterprise resources in a consistent and repeatable experience—providing the ability to achieve a zero-trust model, dramatically reducing the opportunity for human error, and building a level of confidence in an enterprise’s cyber security posture.

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