The globalization of the world’s economic system has produced a flattened global business landscape that transcends even the far-reaching “World is Flat” views postulated by Friedman in 2005. Research and development organizations are no longer housed in a single building, a single bullpen, or even within a single geographic location.

The meteoric rise of outsourcing coupled with rapid acquisitions and divestitures of companies has produced a global landscape in which project taskings are allocated across geographical and governmental boundaries, creating an effective 24/7 development environment. Developers in multiple countries may operate in a shared development environment, using local toolsets to develop code, and then sign them and upload them into a cloud.

For other development efforts, such as distributed drug discovery operations, clinical trials, and data analytics, the globally distributed workforce uses similarly large application and data stores and then submits results to a central archive for processing and analysis. Common to all of these distributed environments is the need for unprecedented information assurance to ensure protection of intellectual property as well as prevent the insertion of malware or spurious code. Data and code signing and strong authentication is mandatory in these instances. The strong authentication issues are compounded by the need for large sizes of secure local storage for the support of large development toolsets and/or data stores for “in memory” data analytics.

SPYRUS Windows To Go and PocketVault™ P-3X USB 3.0 encrypting storage devices provide an outstanding solution to meet the challenges involved with supporting a globally distributed research and development environment. The full spectrum of features provided by the pocket-sized SPYRUS family of Windows To Go devices including capacities to 512 GB and internal FIPS 140-2 Level 3 rated HSMs assure a secure, managed endpoint that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure. And additional benefit results when the IT costs are reduced from enterprises assimilating other organizations through M&A processes, where the overall cost of integration can be markedly reduced by providing the SPYRUS Windows To Go solution as a common computing platform regardless of the brand, OS, form factor of the laptop or desktop it is plugged into. The PocketVault P-3X, having SSD-like speeds over the USB 3.0 connection, also uniquely includes an internal FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM and can be utilized as a program data store for non-Windows development environments such as LINUX, VxWorks, or other real time operating systems for systems development.

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