VDI applications extend the secured endpoint of the enterprise in an effort to reduce operating costs, provide users with wide choices of devices including their own computer platforms (BYOD/BYOC) and operate seamlessly from their workplace of choice, whether it be from their home, at a WiFi hotspot, or a remote office location (BYON).

Based on an application store executing in the corporate cloud, whether it be public or hybrid, VDI also promises to improve application performance and enhance corporate security against malware and loss of sensitive data. Where the challenges of VDI Endpoints dramatically occur is in the BYOD/BYOC/BYON space, where uncontrolled computer platforms with varying level of security, patch implementation, and operational environments communicate openly over public networks with varying degrees of authentication and security functions.

SPYRUS Windows To Go (“SWTG”) drives make an ideal complement for remote access/VDI/Cloud, and Office 365, providing a true secure trusted endpoint. Your enterprise can enforce access to only your network and prevent local access or data storage. In addition, the SPYRUS Windows to Go devices provide an outstanding solution for the challenges involved with supporting VDI endpoints from computing platforms in remote offices or even VDI teleworkers operating from home based, strongly heterogeneous computing environments. The full spectrum of features provided by the SPYRUS family of Windows to Go devices assure a secure, managed endpoint that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure.

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