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The Highest Levels of Data Protection

If you think encrypting storage devices are a commodity, we are probably not the right solution for you. At SPYRUS, we believe that secure USB and microSDHC devices can not only provide a convenient and cost effective way to store and share files while on the go, but they can dramatically improve both data protection and data containment for your confidential corporate information.

Both P-3X (USB 3.0, SSD) and Rosetta TrustedFlash (microSDHC, flash) deliver high-security, use-anywhere USB and microSD encryption and authentication built on trusted Secured By SPYRUS™ technology—the same Suite B military grade security used by the US and other Governments to protect Data at Rest. The cryptographic components in every SPYRUS security device are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. The SPYRUS family of secure storage solutions add further security capabilities such as providing authentication and public key enabled (PKE) application services used by enterprise and Government organizations for two factor authentication and secure communications.

In addition, the SPYRUS P-3X USB can be managed by an enterprise with the SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) for mobile device management (MDM). SEMS features include remote device disable/enable and destroy functions, remote password reset, policy enforcement, expiration policy, file auditing to and from the drive, and more.

 Hardware AES 256-bit EncryptionBuilt in PKI Smart Card for MFAFIPS 140-2 Level 3 ValidatedFull Suite B Crypto SupportSEMS SupportedUSB 3.0 SSD MemoryFlash MemoryMemory Size
Pocket Vault P-3X32GB up to 1TB
Rosetta Trusted FlashComing Q44GB up to 32GB

Hardware AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption

PocketVault™ P-3X      Rosetta TrustedFlash 

SPYRUS protects all data using hardware based AES 256 hardware encryption mode on the USB and microSDHC. In addition, SPYRUS uses the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Rosetta SPYCOS security controller to provide all military grade key management features to the AES hardware engine.

Built in PKI Smart Card for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and PKE Applications

PocketVault P-3X      Rosetta TrustedFlash 

P-3X and Rosetta TrustedFlash security devices contain the SPYRUS Rosetta PKI smart card functionality used to generate and store public/private Elliptic Curve Cryptography and RSA key pairs, store digital certificates, sign email or documents, and enable strong multi-factor authentication for vpn and cloud applications.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated

PocketVault P-3X      Rosetta TrustedFlash 

All SPYRUS products use the Rosetta SPYCOS secure microcontrollers that are Common Criteria certified and validated at FIPS 140-2 Level 3.  The SPYRUS products all use an on-board, hardware-based FIPS-certified random number generator to provide the highest quality entropy and keying material to guarantee the highest quality random keys are available for security applications.

Full Suite B Military Grade Security

PocketVault P-3X      Rosetta TrustedFlash 

Because SPYRUS is first and foremost a security company, all devices have been designed and architected with security in mind.  The military-grade hardware encryption, key management, and on-board hardware security infrastructure meet and exceed the US and other Government’s Suite B security requirements to protect sensitive and classified data.  In addition, strong Suite B authentication capabilities provide a high assurance access control to your secure storage. All critical security parameters are passed using a EC-DH P-384 secure channel generated between the Rosetta SPYCOS security chip and targets.

SEMS Device Management Support

PocketVault P-3X      Rosetta TrustedFlash  – Coming Q4

The SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (“SEMS”) provides a very strong security and productivity solution for any organization deploying SPYRUS secure storage devices. While these drives provide the strongest military grade Data-at-Rest protection when used by the mobile workforce, SEMS provides organizations the ability to remotely management, disable or destroy, expiration, audit and enforce security and usage policies. SEMS was designed to operate on Windows server ecosystem on premises or on Microsoft Azure with ability to scale from proof of concept with a small number of devices to deployments with tens of thousands of devices.

Click on the links below to download a PDF of the product overview and technical specifications.

PocketVault P-3X (USB 3.0)     View/Download

PocketVault P-3X (Courier Mode)     View/Download

Rosetta microSDHC™ Card with PKI TrustedFlash    View/Download

Data Vault on a Windows To Go Drive      View

RESDisk     View

Setting up and getting started with Rosetta TrustedFlash

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