2020 will see cybercrime continue to escalate. As IoT devices become commonplace and information sensitive actions such as banking shift to mobile devices and cryptocurrency, it is critical SMBs, Enterprises, and Governments invest into the appropriate protection. For the upcoming year, SPYRUS Solutions predicts three trends will become the norm: ransom attacks for customer and citizen PII, IoT device targeting, and increasing attacks on mobile devices.

Ransom for your PII
2019 was marked by multiple municipalities and Enterprises attacked for ransom over their customer’s and citizen’s PII. 2020 will only see an increase in these attacks. Often, hackers gain access to servers through poorly configured cloud storage. This includes lack of encryption of data, lack of multi-factor authentication, and disastrous endpoint management leading to some data leaks that can last years without detection. For companies and governments to be protected in 2020 and beyond, IT departments should review their current cloud storage configuration, scanning for any misconfigured storage buckets and assets, and make sure all data is encrypted. In addition, IT departments should invest in an endpoint management solution such as SPYRUS Solutions’ SEMS platform. SEMS allows IT departments to manage all endpoints on a given network. Logs are made for every attempted data access and misuse is flagged. If endpoints are discovered to be compromised, IT departments can “kill” the endpoint remotely, stopping data leaks hassle free. To learn about all the benefits of SPYRUS Solutions’ SEMS platform, click on this link to view the whitepaper and data sheet: https://www.spyrus.com/resources/#whitepapers

IoT Device Targeting
In 2020, every device will be connected to the network. It is critical IoT developers incorporate responsible security into their devices. This should include data encryption and Root of trust. Multiple headline news stories 2019 demonstrated the vulnerabilities of IoT devices and the invasion of privacy that can happen when a device is compromised such as unwarranted video streams. As regulators continue to strengthen the protections of customers, IoT develops must invest appropriate hardware solutions to protect their systems. SPYRUS Solutions offers Rosetta HSMs to meet this need. Rosetta HSMs cover all aspects of the “chain of trust,” protecting data-in-transit, sensors, software, hardware, and the network they connect to. Developers interested in learning how SPYRUS Solutions can help protect your devices can view our white paper at:  https://www.spyrus.com/resources/#whitepapers

Attacking Mobility
Mobile developments were the most important technological advancements in the 2010’s and are poised to become the de-facto standard devices in 2020. Mobile devices have allowed employees to work remotely and on the move, but these devices are in constant threat when out in the open. Hackers are also preparing to target new 5G spots and are upping their game against public WiFi. For companies with employees consistently on the move, protecting the data on their devices is critical. For heavy laptop users, SPYRUS Solutions offers the only Microsoft certified Windows-to-Go solution. Offering top notch encryption of data and FIPS 140-2 level 3 security, SPYRUS WTG provides employees with a virtual Windows Machine in a USB. Once used, all device traveling through a public network is encrypted for protection while the computer / monitor plugged into (such as public computers in libraries or business centers at hotels) are left with no trace from the USB device. For more information on how companies can protect their traveling employees, go to https://www.spyrus.com/resources/#whitepapers to learn more.

2020 is an exciting year with endless possibilities, but also presents a dangerous threat to the security of company data. Cybersecurity will define this coming decade, from new government regulations about consumer privacy to cyber ransom becoming a bigger career. In addition, the line between state-sponsored cybercrime and private cybercrime will continue to grey, making it more imperative than ever private SMBs and Enterprises are armed with government-grade technology to fight back and secure their valuable data, their reputation, and bottom line.