Configure. Deploy. Manage. Audit. The SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (“SEMS”) Platform provides a very strong security and productivity solution for any organization deploying SPYRUS encrypting storage drives and/or our Microsoft certified bootable Windows To Go Live Drives.

While these drives provide the strongest Data-at-Rest protection when used by the mobile workforce, organizations are faced with another challenge that is the management, audit and policy enforcement of these high capacity, small form factor devices.  SEMS solves that problem.

SEMS was designed to operate on Windows server ecosystem on premises or on Microsoft Azure with ability to scale from proof of concept with a small number of devices to deployments with tens of thousands of devices under management.

Find out how SEMS can be deployed to meet specific enterprise entity requirements and constraints. Our SPYRUS Experts can provide insight to factors that will require consideration during the planning and deployment of SEMS within your organization.