Sharing PCs between employees makes a lot of economic sense, especially in health care, public service and law enforcement, where ruggedized laptops can be priced in the thousands of dollars. One workstation shared by different employees and different work shifts. Sounds great and saves money.

One big problem – they use different email accounts, different data files and based on roles, different programs. All of the sudden, sharing PCs and workstations comes with a lot of trade-offs. Another major issue arises when the employee takes the laptop or PC home for use in telecommuting or other work related functions. The platform is now in an unsecured location and the inadvertent access by a friend or family member may inject malware or create another compromise.

How do you enforce strong separation of personal and company information from one sharing employee to another, prevent company data from leaking from one employee’s allowed roles and access privileges to another, and ensure that terminated employees do not pass confidential information on to their new employers?

SPYRUS Windows To Go live drives provide a powerful enforceable solution for the challenges involved with supporting multiple users on a common pool of corporate owned computing platforms. They achieve this by providing both a strong hardware-enforced cryptographic separation and a physical separation between individual computing environments that makes data leakage or attacks all but impossible between the two or more shared user configurations, even when sharing the same host platform. A full disk encrypted partition containing an approved user’s image of the corporate operating system, user privileges, and their specific data storage and application functionality resides on each physical WTG device assigned to a user, replacing resources resident on the host platform. The SPYRUS WTG device now functions as a specific user-assigned secure managed endpoint extension of the corporation’s IT infrastructure. With cryptographic separation of the devices, no electronic history or footprint is left behind when physically unplugged from the shared host platform, which for further isolation, may be a diskless system without the WTG device.

The full spectrum of features provided by the SPYRUS family of Windows To Go devices assure a secure, managed endpoint in a compact, highly cost effective USB 3.0 device, that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure. The use of the SPYRUS Windows To Go products can also provide new life to the corporation’s inventory of outdated computing platforms, allowing them to be used as the “second” or home computer by telecommuting employees. Documented business cases have shown that an IT organization can save up to 75% in per-employee IT costs by issuing a hardware-encrypting drive such as the SPYRUS Worksafe Pro™ with repurposed older PCs and Macs and eliminate the need to purchasing new laptops.   And additional benefit results when the IT costs are reduced by providing the SPYRUS Windows to Go solution as a common computing platform regardless of the brand, OS, form factor of the laptop or desktop it is plugged into.

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