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SPYRUS Announces Windows To Go Xtreme

By February 15, 2016 Press Release

SPYRUS Announces Windows To Go Xtreme (WTGXtreme) as Latest Member of the Microsoft certified Windows To Go Product Line

Compact USB 3.0 SSD devices support multiple processing environments with their own independent operational profiles separated by cryptographic firewalls on the same drive

San Jose, CA – February 15, 2016 – SPYRUS, Inc. today announced the SPYRUS Windows To Go Xtreme (WTGXtreme) drives bringing a new dimension to the world of Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows To Go operations. WTGXtreme drives build on the features of the award winning SPYRUS Windows To Go family certified by Microsoft [NASDAQ MSFT], incorporating the most advanced encryption and security features with the greatest versatility in size and memory capacities that include  a range starting at 32 GB to the newly announced 1 TB configuration only available from SPYRUS. WTGXtreme takes an evolutionary leap forward by allowing multiple processing environments with their own independent operational profiles on the same drive. Strong cryptographic separation ensures a high assurance environment to prevent data leakage between the domains and profiles.

“With the launch of the family of WTGXtreme products, SPYRUS brings its extensive repertoire of PKI based authentication technologies, cryptographic separation, and secure boot and storage to the ever growing Windows To Go ecosystem enabling secure BYOD support for enterprise information assurance policy,” said Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. “Use cases for SPYRUS WTGXteme with multiple processing environments allow organizations to support Windows 10 migration plans with multiple users sharing a single device, for example, 24X7 help desks, with their own unique access to their individual Windows profile. Or, for the most secure separation environments, users could potentially use a specific profile for multi-domain type of access to different levels of data classification.

Two different models of SPYRUS WTGXtreme drives are available. The Secure Portable Workplace™ Xtreme (SPWXtreme) and the WorkSafe™ Pro Xtreme (WSPXtreme) each combine Secured by SPYRUS™™ security technologies, including XTS AES-256 encryption, with a USB 3.0 drive certified for Windows To Go (WTG). All of the WTGXtreme drives can be provisioned with multiple, independent profiles, each with its own Windows 8.1 and/or 10 operating system and independently encrypted with its own unique set of media encryption keys to protect data at rest. This provides an organization with options of supporting multiple Windows processing environments for up to four independent network domains, users or administrators while maintaining a strong cryptographic firewall separation between each environment to provide protection against data leakage. The SPYRUS Toughboot™® boot loader decrypts the WTGXtreme drive and allows it to boot the appropriate Windows profile the user has selected, when that specific profile password or user certificate is entered and verified. After booting the WTGXtreme drive, it can be used like any Windows computer; and you still have access to the enhanced security features available with all the SPYRUS secure WTG drives.  The drive’s SSD class storage controller provides a secure execution environment that is significantly higher in performance than most rotating hard drives and comparable to the fastest SSD devices.

The WorkSafe Pro Xtreme version (WSPXtreme) drive also includes PKI smart card support on its FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated EAL 5+ Rosetta® Micro crypto hardware. The embedded Rosetta Micro can be used with digital certificates and shared between multiple domains or multiple users whether or not the WSPXtreme is booted. The onboard Rosetta Micro module contains the SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS®) employing elliptic curve cryptography algorithms including ECC key lengths to P-521; which provides highly secure authentication and storage as a hardware root of trust.

WTG Xtreme also supports the unique multiparty collaboration features of the new NcryptNshare™ applications for end-to-end encryption, user and origin validation and sharing between senders and recipients to protect data in transit and at rest.  NcryptNshare in conjunction with the WSPXtreme can also support cloud based collaboration services that can be hosted in a commercial service provided data center, in a private, public or hybrid cloud or in hosted on-premise deployments.

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