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SPYRUS® Introduces SEMS™ 4.4 for Windows To Go and P-384™ USB Hardware-Encrypting Storage Device Management

By October 19, 2015 September 19th, 2019 Press Release

SPYRUS® Introduces SEMS™ 4.4 for Windows To Go and P-384™ USB Hardware-Encrypting Storage Device Management

Enhanced security features and BitLocker management round out the most comprehensive mobility solution for Enterprise, Government and Education markets

San Jose, Calif. – Today, October 19, 2015, SPYRUS announced the latest release of the SPYRUS Enterprise Management System™, (SEMS) 4.4.  The SEMS server coupled with SEMS clients on devices provides a comprehensive mobile device management solution for Microsoft [MSFT] certified Windows To Go and SPYRUS secure USB storage devices.  Organizations now have an additional secure method of controlling Corporate usage and security policies for Windows To Go devices protected with BitLocker to provide the most cost effect data at rest solution to Microsoft customers. Using SEMS 4.4 with Windows To Go enables IT organizations to meet management and compliance requirements while simultaneously providing cost savings through converting BYOD devices into secure centrally managed endpoints.

“With the expanded feature set of SEMS 4.4, SPYRUS is the first company to offer a complete mobility portfolio for Windows To Go devices ranging from the strongest hardware-encrypted security protection for data at rest, Read-Only and DataVault options, PKI-based smart card services, and now BitLocker recovery and key management for the SPYRUS BitLocker encrypted WTG devices”, said Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. “This provides a seamless, easy to use experience for both users and IT Administrators””

Employees and Contractors are demanding the freedom to use their own personal computers to access their e-mail and documents from anywhere while IT departments need to guarantee the security of data and networks are maintained. SPYRUS Windows To Go devices addresses these needs by supporting the provisioning of the corporate Windows operating environment that will boot on employee-owned computers. The SPYRUS Windows To Go solution is built on a highly secure architecture that integrates directly with Microsoft System Center, public key infrastructure systems, as well as the Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption system.   With SEMS 4.4 device management, IT organizations can easily enroll Windows To Go devices and provision policies and applications to large groups of Windows To Go devices automatically. IT can set Group Policies that Enroll, Password Reset without the need to re-provision, or Disable, Enable, Expire by Date, or Destroy; to include BitLocker keys.

SEMS 4.4 provides the most robust management and security mechanisms to protect non-hardware encrypting Windows To Go drives. However, hardware-encrypting drives will always provide stronger protection against brute force attacks against keys. SPYRUS is the full service solution provider if any level of Windows To Go security management is your requirement.

SEMS 4.4 now delivers all of the security management features to the SPYRUS non-hardware encrypting Portable Workplace and WorkSafe™ drives using BitLocker software encryption that was previously only available to organizations for the hardware-encrypting Secure Portable Workplace™ WorkSafe Pro, and PocketVault™ P-384™. Important features include:

  • SEMS 4.4 delivers role-based management, configuration and security for all SPYRUS Windows To Go devices and PocketVault P-384 secure USB storage drives.
  • Group Separation in SEMS 4.4 enables the Super Admin to separate administration by geographical regions.
  • Password Reset allows SEMS administrators to provide a time limited temporary password to unlock a device when a user forgets their password.
  • BitLocker Management provides for centralized management for BitLocker keys, key recovery, and policies.
  • Expiration Policy can be set to individual or groups of devices to Disable or Destroy keys for the device.
  • Disable, Enable and Destroy Policies make it easy for IT to manage user access when devices are lost or stolen.

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