Come visit our Booth #2038 at MicroSoft Ignite, September 24–28, 2018 | Orlando, Florida. SPYRUS Hardware Roots of Trust-based data protection solutions are an important element to ensure that vital mission critical applications are available and secure when needed. Today’s network enabled systems [or Internet of Things (IoT)] systems that are vulnerable to intrusion, denial of services, and hijacking threats that can escalate to Distributed Denials of Service (DDOS) such as the well-publicized Mirai Trojan horse virus. The translation of the SPYRUS security technologies and protection mechanisms from attacks are critical in the world of surveillance devices through IP aware cameras and sensing devices. In particular, SPYRUS can provide remote trusted cryptographic module attestation to authoritative services to provide the highest level of confidence to assure proof of: 1) identification, 2) hardware key generation/ protection and 3) encrypted object destination at a specific FIPS 140-2 or Common Criteria validated level.

Contact SPYRUS at to obtain information on availability and pricing on the SPYRUS Hardware Security Modules and Software solutions.

Developers may access the SPYRUS Developers Portal and request a login to access detailed descriptions of typical applications and purchase prototyping quantities of SPYRUS HSMs.