Enterprise Security Magazine Selects SPYRUS for Industry Award

SAN JOSE, Calif.— Nov. 12, 2019 — SPYRUS Solutions, Inc (“SPYRUS”) announced today it has been named one of the top 10 encryption solution providers for 2019 by Enterprise Security Magazine.   A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Enterprise Security Magazine has chosen and included SPYRUS in the Top 10 list.  SPYRUS was selected because of its comprehensive, end-to-end security solution for user access and protection of data at rest, in motion, and in process for enterprises, universities, and governments.  View the complete list at


SPYRUS develops and deploys cryptographic operating systems.  The SPYRUS SEMS Platform enables enterprise administrators to manage all endpoints on the network, while the SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS) protects these endpoints. The combined solution allows enterprises to secure their data through enforcement of enterprise security policies, to manage their data through audit logs that track activity, and to terminate endpoints by temporally disabling or destroying when they are in the wrong hands.

“We are thrilled to be part of Enterprise Security Magazine’s prestigious list,” stated Grant Evans, CEO of SPYRUS.  “We have picked up a tremendous momentum in the market this year with customers and partners across the glove selecting our portfolio of security solutions to protect against growing cyber threats like ransomware.  This award validates our unique and comprehensive approach to providing encrypted security solutions.”

Learn more about SPYRUS at www.spyrus.com.

About SPYRUS Solutions, Inc.

SPYRUS develops and deploys cryptographic operating systems in innovative ways, providing the strongest protection for data in motion, data at rest and data in process.  For more than 20 years, SPYRUS has delivered encryption, authentication, and digital content security products to government, financial, and healthcare enterprises.  SPYRUS solutions enable customers to meet stringent regulatory requirements for data protections across industries. Connect with SPYRUS on LinkedIn and Twitter.