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SPYRUS Unveils SEMS 4.5 Designed for Integration with Microsoft Enterprise Active Directory Systems

By June 27, 2016 Uncategorized

SPYRUS Unveils High-Security SEMS 4.5 Mobile Device Management Designed for Integration with Microsoft Enterprise Active Directory Systems

Expanded Policy Rules Meet Corporate Deployment Needs for Usage Control and Flexible Device Assignment to Collaborative Project Teams and Mobile and Temporary Workforces

San Jose, California, June 27, 2016.  SPYRUS, Inc., announced the release of SEMS 4.5 to set new standards with the most powerful centralized enterprise mobile device management (MDM) over authorization of users and administrators to assign and deploy secure endpoint devices.  The release of this product augments SPYRUS’ reputation as the industry leader in providing the broadest range of secure encrypting devices with embedded hardware security modules through its product families of Microsoft [MSFT] Certified Windows To Go live drives, encrypting USB 3.0 SSD storage drives, and encrypting Rosetta TrustedFlash microSDHC memory products

“SPYRUS integrates the power of Active Directory (AD) into SEMS 4.5 to enable synchronizing AD changes with SEMS 4.5 to set endpoint device operating parameters according to organizational groups and the policy rules of that group,” reported Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO.  He added “This combination provides the enterprise with precise single-point control for IT device and rule assignments and avoids operational conflicts when multiple authorization databases are used for device deployment.  We have designed SEMS 4.5 so that any changes in AD can be synchronized with and responded to by the SEMS system. If a user is removed from AD, then SEMS can be set to disable or destroy any device that belongs to that user based upon the policy defined in SEMS.  This is exactly what our customers have requested.”

SPYRUS customers have emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of enterprise management control over thousands of deployed devices in a globally distributed environment while minimizing the burdens of costs and staffing for console operators and systems administrators.  SPYRUS created a multi-level hierarchy of SEMS console operators to provide the separation of roles demanded by enterprise IT and security organizations.  By limiting privileges for administrators based on role, region, or even threat level, the overall attack surface is minimized and the possibility of insider threats is sharply mitigated.

SEMS introduces three levels of console operators: The SEMS CISO View has a view into all administrator activities at every level and can create admin groups, SEMS System Administrator can create new management groups and group administrators, and SEMS Group Administrators can enable, disable, destroy devices and reassign devices and owner groupings.

In SEMS 4.5, a device registered to a user can be reassigned to a different user to meet needs of enterprises for dynamic reassignments of project resources among collaboration team members or reallocation of pooled resources to globally distributed contractors and temporary workers.  Windows To Go live drives or encrypting drives can be reassigned and securely transferred to the new user and the prior user decommissioned from accessing the device while maintaining audit records for both users.

To control the operating boundaries in which a user, particularly a temporary member of a team or a contractor, can access the endpoint device, SEMS 4.5 has created a new design for expiration policies (expiry end date) specifically to increase the degree of enterprise control over a dynamically changing workforce, particularly for contractors or temporary employees with defined employment end dates.  These new policies, which are available for all devices and groups, can control the off-line usage rules for a group, the inactivity period or length of time a device can be unused before requiring reconnection to SEMS, the total number of minutes a device may be used off-line, an expiry date for a particular user, and network connection variables such as polling and connection limit intervals to reduce IT network traffic.  To further accommodate a wide range of customers’ IT network configurations, SEMS 4.5 has added proxy support for client-server communications.

SPYRUS continues to raise the competitive performance bar for mobile device management of secure endpoint computing and storage devices by continuing to add valuable customer benefits to the Microsoft enterprise eco-system. The combination with the existing “Defense-in-Depth” design of the SEMS security infrastructure with the new features released in SEMS 4.5, including the powerful hierarchy of administrative control over policies, devices and user access, provides Microsoft customers with the most flexible, exacting and secure cost-effective solutions to confidently deploy thousands of our SPYRUS secure endpoint products around the country or around the world.

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