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SPYRUS® WorkSafe™ Pro for Windows To Go Captures Editor’s Choice Award From The SSDReview

By September 10, 2014 April 15th, 2015 Press Release

Editors Say “SPYRUS has cornered the encrypted flash drive segment and established leadership in this industry…with a Flash Drive that would suit the likes of James Bond”

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 10, 2014) – The SSDReview, a leading online information resource for the SSD industry, has awarded the SPYRUS WorkSafe™ Pro for Windows To Go with an Editor’s Choice Award, calling the SPYRUS device “The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive.”

The entire review can be read here. The editors wrote: “Our review of the SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro Windows To Go Secure Flash Drive marks the world’s first independent report of the SPYRUS encrypted flash drive, a flash drive that would most definitely suit the likes of James Bond. It brings to end a period of over two years of discussions and final agreement on exactly what could (or could not be) shown and discussed with respect to this drive. As much as our report of the SPYRUS cannot zone in on such things as component closeups, hardware specifics, or even some of the information that might normally be discussed in such a hardware build, we trust you will be as amazed as we were at what is easily the worlds most advanced and secure flash drive.”

“We are thrilled with the findings of the review and pleased to receive the site’s Editor’s Choice Award,” said Tom Dickens, COO, SPYRUS. “We know the engineering that went into the WorkSafe and WorkSafe Pro has set these products apart when it comes to secure USB 3.0 SSD storage devices booting a full Microsoft™ Windows® operating environment. We were very delighted the reviewers took note of the exceptional performance and features of these drives as well.”

The SPYRUS WorkSafe and WorkSafe Pro portable SSD live drives for Windows To Go are created using the Windows 8.1 update. WorkSafe live drives transform any PC into trustworthy workspaces. SPYRUS embeds hardware FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated security controller to provide tamper-proof digital certificates for authentication. WorkSafe live drives are a trusted end point for secure network access and simultaneously protect enterprise networks with multi-factor authentication using smart card digital certificates. Enterprises can leverage their investment in public key and smart card infrastructures, extend their trusted foundation for smart card logon, VPN access, secure email, and authenticated online collaboration.

The WorkSafe Pro defends the operating system, documents, and identity credentials from tampering and theft through layered hardware and software encryption. A SPYRUS ToughBoot™™ loader digitally signed by Microsoft mitigates against hacking attacks during the boot sequence when using UEFI Secure Boot available on newer computers. WorkSafe live drives use military strength cryptography P-256, P-384, and P-521 elliptic curves and the EC Diffie-Hellman key establishment schemes in accordance with NIST SP 800-56 Key Establishment Guidelines to create stronger and more robust keys to mitigate vulnerabilities from professional malicious attacks.

From the review:

“I have been involved with highly sensitive data for most of my career and can state that encrypted flash drives are an absolute necessity in today’s world. Years ago, I started out with the Ironkey, only to be issued with a McAfee encrypted Flash Drive about a year back. This report on the SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro encrypted flash drive was some time in the making and, in my opinion, a valuable experience.. SPYRUS has cornered the encrypted flash drive segment and established leadership in this industry. As a person who has to insert a smart card into his laptop each and every time it is used, having Rosetta Smart Card capabilities makes things so much easier as that flash drive is the only media by which we can store data.

The benefits and features available to the user with the SPYRUS WorkSpace Pro extend so much further than being able to boot into your own secure Windows 8.1 environment from virtually anywhere, and from either Windows or Mac. Enterprise retains complete control and can even destroy the SPYRUS flash drive, should it get into wrong hands. As well, its ‘Read Only’ feature completely erases all traces of one’s activity and downloads when the SPYRUS drive is disconnected, enabling a secure connection from so many places one might never have expected prior to this report.

We also never expected data transfer speeds as high as 271MB/s from a fully encrypted flash drive. We are pretty confident that if you carried this to the next step, with an extra layer of BitLocker protection, speeds would drop just a bit but this performance is unheard of from any encrypted flash drive I have used to date. Our 256GB version will admittedly fetch a niche price tag around $500 putting it somewhere at $2/GB, but one has to ask themselves what their file security is really worth. The SPYRUS WorkSafe Pro 256GB encrypted Flash Drive is definitely deserving of our Editor’s Choice award as there simply isn’t a comparable product available today!”

For a full list of product specific features and for more information regarding the advantages of using SPYRUS products, please visit our website at or contact us at

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