Today, most enterprises offer employees some form of flexible work schedules —including either full or part-time work-from-home arrangements.

For Federal employees, the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 requires each Federal agency to establish a policy under which eligible employees can telework and mandates that each agency determine the eligibility for all of its employees to participate in telework. But how do you do it? There is no budget to buy new PCs for teleworkers and as a result these workers are using their own computers as the primary tool for their work and network access. How can your help desk cope with hundreds or thousands of home computers with varying versions of operating systems and varying patch levels, running all of the different applications your employees and their families have installed, including very real threat of malware and viruses?

SPYRUS Windows To Go (“SWTG”) devices provide an outstanding solution for the challenges involved with supporting teleworkers operating from home based, strongly heterogeneous computing environments. The full spectrum of features provided by the SPYRUS family of Windows To Go devices assure a secure, managed endpoint that is an extension of the corporations IT infrastructure.  For highly cost effective, simple application work that either accesses a remote portal or executes a VDI application, the enterprise can supply teleworkers with a 32 GB Read Only SWTG.

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