Today, most enterprises offer employees some form of flexible work schedules, either on a full or part time work-from-home arrangement. Recent U.S. Census data indicates more than 5% of American workers – about 8 million professionals – work from home daily. The benefits of these arrangements include lower carbon emissions, reduced energy usage, and a reduction in office related waste.

Despite these benefits, telecommuting provides challenges to IT departments in terms of data security, provision of hardware to access core services, and the costs associated with implementing a suitable infrastructure to support employees needs. Telecommuting often opens gaping security holes which can lead to costly violations of government privacy regulations, including HIPPA and GDPR. In fact, according to a 2018 Mobile Security Report, 52% of surveyed US CIOs suspect their mobile workers had been hacked in the last 12 months. Additionally, another 2018 survey reinforced these concerns, reporting 1/3 of surveyed businesses experienced data loss or breach as a direct result of mobile working.

Paired with the cost of providing equipment to the increasing number of employees that work from home, teleworking is often limited to a few employees, or enabled through pool laptops when there is an urgent need. This avoids IT Helpdesks having to deal with personal home computers that have varying versions of operating systems and varying patch levels, running different applications that employees and their families have installed. These uncontrolled system environments provide a very real threat of malware and viruses that could lead to data loss or worse, corporate system breaches.

SPYRUS solutions are exclusively focused on the problem of network access and data protection. SPYRUS tokens utilise our Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS®), which provides the highest level of Data Protection and Identity Access in the market. Additionally, our NcryptNshare technology allows information sharing over unsecured communication paths using strong encryption and controlled access. The result is secure collaboration for mobile teams with the highest level of confidence.

SPYRUS tokens offer an alternative solution that is cost effective and highly scalable for small and large enterprises. Together with SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS), the full spectrum of features provided by the SPYRUS family of devices assures secure, managed endpoints that are an extension of the corporation’s IT infrastructure. These solutions provide remote workers with secure access to a remote portal or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) application through their home PC.

No need for additional hardware and provided at a fraction of the cost.

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