SPYRUS DevicePatrol tokens can be managed by a DevicePatrol server to provide a comprehensive solution that enables Enterprise IT organizations to support employees and contractors to work securely, while maintaining productivity.

The tokens can be remotely managed, audited, enabled and disabled by the DevicePatrol server. SPYRUS DevicePatrol tokens provide a convenient and cost-effective way to store and share files while on the go. Tokens can dramatically improve both data protection and data containment for your confidential corporate information.

SPYRUS tokens support Authentication, Encrypted Authentication, and Bootable Encrypted Authentication, and are available in USB or MicroSD formats. All SPYRUS tokens are powered by the SPYRUS Rosetta Microcontroller which can store authentication information, data, digital identity keys, and certificates.

Authentication Tokens have plug-and-play capability and moves with the user, providing a secure and encrypted solution for security information such as private keys, passwords and biometric templates.

Encrypted Authentication Tokens have the same capabilities as Authentication Tokens plus memory so the user can store files securely on the token itself. These tokens are available in a USB for MicroSD formats.

Bootable Encrypted Authentication Tokens have all the same capabilities as the other tokens and can also turn any personal computers (including Macs) into Trusted enterprise Windows workstations or a full Linux operating environment – compliant with your Enterprise policies, no matter how strict. As a Windows workstation proxy, these tokens bypass the host computer’s hard drive and boot your corporate image from a fully hardware encrypted, Microsoft approved, pocket SSD. There is no impact on the host computer, no footprint left behind and most find our solutions faster than working with the original drive. The same tokens can bring a new dimension to the world of secure mobility operations by allowing secure Linux operating system on a USB 3.0 SSD drive.

Sound amazing?
We want to enable you to try this solution yourself. Contact us and one of our industry professionals can set you up with a four-drive pilot at a special price – so that you can test these features for yourself.