SPYRUS provides a variety of devices designed to meet the wide range of security challenges faced in today’s mobile computing environment. SPYRUS security tokens include Secure Storage, Rosetta hardware security modules, and Encrypted USB storage solutions. These all enable Enterprise IT to provide a convenient and cost effective way to store and share files.

Secure Storage

At SPYRUS, we believe that secure USB and microSDHC devices can not only provide a convenient and cost effective way to store and share files while on the go, but they can dramatically improve both data protection and data containment for your confidential corporate information.

Both P-3X (USB 3.0, SSD) and Rosetta TrustedFlash (microSDHC, flash) deliver high-security, use-anywhere USB and microSD encryption and authentication built on trusted Secured By SPYRUS™ technology—the same Suite B military grade security used by the US and other Governments to protect Data at Rest. The cryptographic components in every SPYRUS security device are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. The SPYRUS family of secure storage solutions add further security capabilities such as providing authentication and public key enabled (PKE) application services used by enterprise and Government organizations for two factor authentication and secure communications.

In addition, the SPYRUS P-3X USB can be managed by an enterprise with the SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) for mobile device management (MDM). SEMS features include remote device disable/enable and destroy functions, remote password reset, policy enforcement, expiration policy, file auditing to and from the drive, and more.

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Rosetta Hardware Security Modules

The foundation of almost all of the SPYRUS technologies is SPYCOS® (SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System). SPYCOS is the firmware operating system incorporated into SPYRUS hardware devices. It supports more cryptographic algorithms than any other commercial product and dynamically allocates nonvolatile memory. SPYCOS is at the core of the Rosetta Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

The family of Rosetta HSM includes the Rosetta Micro Series II (pictured to the right) and Series III. Micro Series II and Series III are embedded in many other SPYRUS products such as our Windows To Go Live Drives and are ideal for custom applications. Their compact size makes them the perfect choice for small devices such as computers, cell phones, PDAs, wired and wireless routers, point-of-sale and gaming terminals, set-top boxes, industrial control devices voting systems and new Internet of Things devices.

Other Rosetta HSM products offered by SPYRUS include:

Rosetta SDHC/microSDHC™ Card – Smart Card and Storage in a Micro-Sized Device with TrustedFlash configuration.

The Rosetta microSDHC™ card is an industry-standard secure digital high capacity (microSDHC) form factor available in two security configurations: 1) The Rosetta microSDHC PKI configuration is a public key infrastructure (PKI) device with clear flash. 2) The TrustedFlash™ configuration enables hardware AES-256 encryption to provide the strongest commercially available data protection and PKI capabilities to use with public key enabled applications.

Rosetta Series II and Series III USB

Rosetta Series II and Series III USB are reader-less smart cards that can store authentication information, data, digital identity keys, and certificates. Rosetta USB has plug-and-play capability and moves with the user, providing a secure and encrypted vault for security information such as private keys, passwords and biometric templates.

Rosetta Series II and Series III Smart Card

The Rosetta Series II and Series III Smart Cards are ISO 7816-compliant public key, multi-application smart cards. They feature high-assurance security techniques to properly separate applications from crypto data, public key cryptographic techniques for industry-standard sign/verify operations, and advanced operating system and chip features.

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Encrypted Storage Drive

The convenience and utility of the USB drive in undeniable, yet flash drives have been at the heart of many corporate data leaks and virus attacks, but this drive is different: The Full Disk, Hardware Encrypted Drive secures your data and is your KEY to authentication, digital signature and collaboration.

With an integrated Smart Card and cryptographic engine this drive can encrypt & decrypt files, vaults and even sign documents. It can be remotely managed, audited, enabled and disabled. It adheres to corporate policy and is GDPR compliant.

An entire organization that uses these drives can be managed and monitored by one piece of software. Any drive can be enabled, disabled, audited (right down to file level) and even destroyed while in the field. These drives support read-only modes, enabling them to be used with untrusted machines.

More than a flash drive, this pocket SSD also includes a cryptographic engine which not only protects your DATA, but enables you to: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, Authenticate, securely Login and Collaborate. Share Files, Documents, Folders, Vaults and even e-mail across the web, knowing that only your designated recipients can read them. Our cryptographic solutions have been vetted by Fortune 500 Enterprise companies and Government Agencies around the world.

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