Why Choose SPYRUS?

Most Secure Endpoint Management and Control.

Highest Levels of Data Protection.

Cost Savings.


We live in an IT world comprised of what appear to be opposing corporate forces. On one hand, we have enormous demands to increase worker productivity and support an ever-changing, distributed and mobile workforce. On the other hand, we are being asked to secure our corporate network access and our underlying corporate data…..and all of this, while managing our overall spend.

SPYRUS is exclusively focused on the problem of network access and data protection – “security to the edge®”. Our SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (“SEMS”) Platform as a Service, connects Enterprise end points via “SPYCOS®“, our Cryptographic Operating System, to provide the highest level of Data Protection and Identity Access.

With SPYRUS, you can have it all. Most Secure Endpoint Management and Control. Highest Levels of Data Protection. Cost Savings.

Cryptographic Operating System

At the core of the SPYRUS technologies is SPYCOS® (SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System). SPYCOS® is the firmware operating system incorporated into SPYRUS hardware devices. It supports more cryptographic algorithms than any other commercial product and dynamically allocates nonvolatile memory. A unique feature bounds the memory space dedicated to simultaneously running applications with a data “firewall” to ensure total isolation and security during processing. A sophisticated on-card key management system and advanced random number generation technology provide the strongest hardware-based encryption and security for application and personal identity keys in commercially available devices. Other features include:

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards
  • Cryptographic algorithm
  • Large key and certificate storage space support multiple applications, permissions, and identities simultaneously on a single SPYRUS security device
  • Anti-tearing mechanisms to ensure that a transaction completes even if interrupted
  • Secure firmware upgrades for corrections, new features and functionality

SPYCOS® uses SPYRUS patented intellectual property that permits a device’s cryptographic functionality to be changed at the higher application level under specified rights and conditions without changing the basic primitive mathematical operations. SPYCOS® interacts with commercial cryptographic APIs, PKCS #11, and Microsoft CAPI and CNG. These and other features make SPYCOS® the most secure and reliable cryptographic operation system for applications with advanced security requirements.

Hardware Designed for Security

SPYRUS security hardware products are designed, developed, tested (to include MIL 810 testing) and manufactured  in the USA with the following characteristics:

  • Tamper Resistant and Tamper Evident The products use secure microcontrollers that are Common Criteria certified and validated at FIPS 140-2 Level 3.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) All SPYRUS hardware products have an on-board, hardware-based FIPS-certified RNG to provide the highest quality keying material. The entropy derived from the hardware RNG is then used to seed approved deterministic random bit generators to guarantee the highest quality random keys.
  • Chip Security Features Each crypto processor in SPYRUS security devices is equipped with hardware-enforced security features such as over-voltage/under-voltage detectors and over-frequency/under-frequency detectors that counter known crypto attacks.

Hardware Security Modules Hashing, signing, key exchange, and symmetric key operations are significantly accelerated through on-token crypto accelerators relative to a firmware-only approach. This augments the security benefits and performance during public key algorithm operations on the client authentication device.

SPYRUS Security Architecture

The SPYRUS security architecture is based on public key infrastructure architecture that integrates with and complements the overall security functionality of the Microsoft ecosystem. Separate SPYRUS components are responsible for security standards as required by certificate authorities, encrypting email, VPN authentication, etc.

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