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The SPYRUS encrypted flash drive, a flash drive that would most definitely suit the likes of James Bond…you will be amazed as we were at what is easily the worlds most advanced and secure flash drive.

Les Tokar, Founder of The SSE Review

SPYRUS has a strong commitment to developing the strongest possible information security hardware products on the market today. Their products are standards-based, rigorously tested and designed with the needs of the high-end security customer in mind.

Paul Raines, author Global CISO CSO Magazine

With over 20 years of history providing superior, made in USA, hardware security solutions - SPYRUS is WidePoint's choice for protecting private keys for our high assurance PKI. With SPYRUS WidePoint offers Federal and Enterprise clients unparalleled privacy and brand protection.

Daniel Turissini, WidePoint CTO

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Most enterprises incur significant overhead and expense when provisioning contract workers with the computing resources they need to do the work they are contracted to do without compromising corporate network security. SPYRUS Windows To Go drives provide a cost effective way to deploy the required processing environment with all the policies and settings in place. And what’s more, the contractor doesn’t have to carry around multiple laptops.

As a cost-effective teleworker solution, use a 32 GB SPYRUS Windows To Go drive with the Read Only option to boot SPYRUS drives securely from untrusted home computers. Your organization can enforce work and data saving to the enterprise network, or if required, changed files can be saved on a Data Vault read/write partition. The employee can travel light and still be productive from home.

SPYRUS Windows To Go drives make an ideal configuration for remote access/VDI/Cloud, and Office 365, providing a true secure trusted endpoint. Your enterprise can enforce access to only your network and prevent local access or data storage.