Federal Agencies to Benefit from Access to Solutions Providing Highest Level of  Verified Identity and Encrypted Data Protection

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Nov. 5, 2019 — SPYRUS Solutions, Inc (“SPYRUS”) announced today its products will be available on GSA Schedule through ZNet Tech GSA contract #47QSWA19D0092.  GSA Schedule Contracts streamline the government sales process with pre-established pricing, terms and conditions that enable government buyers to more quickly purchase from a listed company.  ZNet Tech has been providing the Federal Government and industry partners with acquisition support for more than a decade.

Increasingly, government agencies are adopting cloud services to meet mission-critical needs.  Agencies are required to protect federal information collected, maintained, processed, disseminated or disposed of by cloud service offerings.  In addition, government agencies face increasing cybersecurity threats.  These trends are leading agencies to seek innovative security solutions.

ZNet Tech will offer SPYRUS solutions as part of its cybersecurity suite of solutions, which enable an IT organization to have a consistent and repeatable method for encrypting, enforcing access policies and gaining security intelligence for all structured and unstructured data.

“We are excited to make SPYRUS security products available to our federal government customers,” said Gary Block, president, ZNet Tech. “As cybers attacks like ransomware threaten government agencies, they need access to solutions that provide protection of identities, data and endpoints.  SPYRUS helps assure agencies can protect themselves.”

SPYRUS provides a comprehensive suite of products and solutions that ensure the highest level of verified identity and encrypted data protection, and help ensure customers meet stringent “mandate to secure” requirements.  Government agencies are deploying SPYRUS solutions to ensure end point identity, while protecting it with strong data encryption at rest, in motion and in process—no matter the device or application.   The SPYRUS Enterprise Management System (SEMS) is a “security as a service” platform which connects enterprise end points via SPYCOS, the company’s device-independent Cryptographic Operating System, to provide the highest level of data protection and identity access.  A SPYCOS protected device managed by the SEMS platform ensures the integrity of the cryptographic keys, processes and certificates of any edge device or application.  The SPYRUS NcryptNshare application extends that same protection to virtual data objects or vaults in a traditionally non-secure cloud environment.  The result is portable encryption that is fast to deploy and scale and anchored to the cloud, ensuring enterprises and their customers or subscribers trust transactions to and from the edge.

“Given the nature of their work, government agencies are under extreme pressure to protect mission-critical data,” explained Grant Evans, chief executive officer and chairman, SPYRUS.  “And, they are not immune to the rising complexity and frequency of cyberattacks the private sector faces regularly.  We are pleased ZNet Tech will make it easier for government agencies to acquire our security solutions.”

Learn more about SPYRUS at www.spyrus.com.

About SPYRUS Solutions, Inc.

SPYRUS develops and deploys cryptographic operating systems in innovative ways, providing the strongest protection for data in motion, data at rest and data in process.  For more than 20 years, SPYRUS has delivered encryption, authentication, and digital content security products to government, financial, and healthcare enterprises.  SPYRUS solutions enable customers to meet stringent regulatory requirements for data protections across industries. Connect with SPYRUS on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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